Friday, August 28, 2009

Replacing Checkbox and Radio buttons

I found this pretty cool website (Hieuuk) that had an example of how to replace the checkbox and radio buttons with images. I was thinking about using it until I read the comments about how it doesn't work with the keyboard.

Well, I was inspired to mess around with the script, so I started working on it!

Here is a demo of the result of my work...

But sadly, I guess it was just a nice exercise for me because I have no idea how to make it into a jQuery plugin and well as I just found out... it's already been done, twice LOL. *Note to self* search the net before spending hours on a project o.O

The other versions:
  • I'm not sure, but this version looks like it was made to work with the jQuery UI

  • I really like this plugin version since it animates the radio button look... toggling a switch on and off. It just looks cool :P
Oh well, I don't want to say it was time wasted, but I still sort of like my version ;)

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