Thursday, September 22, 2011

Print a Paragraph

By default, browsers will print the content of an entire page/web page or selected text. With some simple scripting you can make it easier for your users to get the browser to print the contents of a particular block or paragraph. The trick is to copy these contents into a new popup window, then print the contents of that window. I put together a very simple demo, which I should turn into a plugin, of how to do this:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

AnythingSlider Themes

I put together ten more themes for AnythingSlider! YAY!

  • All theme files are meant to be used independently from the plugin's "anythingslider.css" file. So you only need to include one of these theme files.
  • There is an additional stylesheet named "wrappers.css" which only targets the wrapper around the slider. It is independent of the theme files and meant to be used by extracting out any specific wrapper style you would like to use.
  • The first default theme is meant to be used as the base to make your own theme, but without using images or css3.
  • The second default theme is also meant to be used as a base for your own theme, but includes images (no css3 though)
  • The rest of the themes are free to use.
If you would like to contribute a theme, either fork the repository, add your theme then send me a pull request or just email me the files - my gmail account, user name is wowmotty.

Thanks and enjoy!