Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Git untag

If you've ever forgotten to rebase your local repository before pushing a tagged commit to master
git push --tags origin master
you'll know the pain of having the push rejected with the tag still applied remotely. In this post by Nathan Hoad, you'll find the needed git commands to remove the remote tag, but it's not that easy to remember.
git tag -d 12345
git push origin :refs/tags/12345

So we're going to make a nice little shell command to do it for you!

First open the global user defined .gitconfig file. From the command line:

  • You can either find the user .gitconfig file location by using git config --list --show-origin and finding it in the wall of text. Then, open the file in your favorite editor, or
  • To load the file directly into your favorite editor, use ~/.gitconfig as the path to the config file. For example, if you have Atom installed, use atom ~/.gitconfig.

Now under the [alias] block (add it if you don't see it), add the untag alias:

  untag = "!sh -c 'git tag -d $0 && git push origin :refs/tags/$0'"

And you're done!

To use the command, use the alias followed by the tag to delete & remove from the remote branch

git untag v1.0.0
You can find a lot more useful git aliases from the Git basics documentation.


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